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What is Carline?

Fairburn’s Carline is a time-saving way to drop-off students for school each morning.  Carline is operated by teachers’ aides and volunteer parents from 7:40am until school starts at 8am. 

How does it work? 

There are three different drop-off points – each grade is assigned a gate: 



Ohio upper

TK & Kinder

Ohio lower

3rd & 5th


1st, 2nd, & 4th


At each gate, vehicles with Fairburn students will pull into coned lanes where orange-vested attendants will scan the students’ Daily Pass QR code and assist children in exiting the vehicle safely.  Parents should not drop-off students in the Carline before they reach an attendant and have the Daily Pass QR code scanned.

For First Time Carliners

When a vehicle comes to a stop, students should already be prepared to unload with any school bags.  Our goal is to clear each vehicle within 15 to 30 seconds. If your child is suffering from separation anxiety and needs special attention to exit the vehicle, it is suggested that you park near the school and walk your child to the entrance gate.  If you decide to park and walk, please use the crosswalk.  Not using the crosswalk is unsafe and can result in a ticket.


DO arrive early. As your assigned drop-off time approaches, the Carline grows increasingly congested. When the school entrance gates close, any arriving students must go to the school office for late admission.

DO say your goodbyes prior to coming to a full stop in the Carline.

DO have all lunch bags, school bags, school projects, etc. ready and available for unloading when the student exits the vehicle.

DO immediately drive away after your child is safely out of the vehicle. The attendants will see that children exiting vehicles line up and safely enter the school.

DO always use street intersections to cross the street.

DO not make U-Turns on Rochester Ave. or Ohio Ave.

DO be mindful of other traffic on Ohio Ave. as you pull away from the Carline.

DO put down your phone in the carpool line. Distractions can cause accidents.

DO try to position baby seats and car seats so that school age children are able to exit the vehicle on the curb side of the vehicle.

DON’T drop your child before the Daily Pass is scanned.

DON’T park in the line and get out of your vehicle.

DON’T stop next to the Carline (double park) in the middle of Ohio Ave. or Rochester Ave. to unload children or park across the entrance and walk across the street to the school.

DON’T block our neighbors’ driveways if you park around school.

Patience is a virtue and greatly appreciated. We want every child dropped off and picked up safely. We have found through experience that when everybody follows the rules Carline works and allows parents to drop off their children in a safe and expeditious manner.

Show your support for our safety solutions by volunteering to be a Carline attendant. Volunteers are asked to arrive at 7:40 AM and are usually free to leave by 8:05 AM.  To volunteer or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected].